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Cloudpulso helps streamline creating and monitoring kube_secret_labels metrics and alerts for Kubernetes

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Google Cloud Monitoring Tool

Available Labels for kube_secret_labels

Label Addons K 8 S Io Monitoringlabel_addons_k8s_io_monitoring
Label Addons Sigs K 8 S Io Stackdriverlabel_addons_sigs_k8s_io_stackdriver
Label Bundle Gke Io Component Namelabel_bundle_gke_io_component_name
Label Bundle Gke Io Component Versionlabel_bundle_gke_io_component_version
Label Configmanagement Gke Io Configmanagementlabel_configmanagement_gke_io_configmanagement
Label Gatekeeper Sh Systemlabel_gatekeeper_sh_system
Label K 8 S Applabel_k8s_app
Label Hub Gke Io Projectlabel_hub_gke_io_project
Label Managed Bylabel_managed_by
Label Policycontroller Configmanagement Gke Iolabel_policycontroller_configmanagement_gke_io
Label Versionlabel_version
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